Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Poem


Dear Mommy,

I'm not so good with words but this I must say to thee:

In the arms of thy mother, I feel the warmth.
Thanks for showering me with unconditional Love.

The kind of Love that gives me strength and comfort,

And shines and shields me from fear and danger.

I may not be the perfect daughter you have,

But I can be a good daughter that you can be proud of.
Thanks for the advises that you gave me,
For having patience throughout my troubles and strife.
Ever understanding and with a pure heart,
You're always there, ready to guide about how to get through with my life.

Indeed you're an Angel that has been sent down,

God gave me you that I'm proud to call my own.
You've done countless great things for me,
Now, it's my turn to do this to you wholeheartedly.

It would really take me an eternity,

How grateful I am of having you and how you mean to me.
For the tears you've shed,
for the smile you've shared,
for the limitless times you've spent,
I can definitely say that there's no greater treasure that
ever can replace you, my dearest Mother.

Yours truly,
Ging2x :D

Thanks for the 24 years, 22 years and 20 years. Hoping for more of it :) ♥ ♥ ♥

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