Thursday, July 18, 2013

Escape with Papers, Pens & Colors: Loving Doodles

My quote: "I create beyond my imagination. I am the modern Picasso."
One of my simple line-light streaks, Made in Photoshop, published in Deviant Art.

I grew up discovering that art will have a significant impact in my life. Since I was a kid, pens, papers and colors are my plaything. I make doodles and been vandalizing the walls of our humble abode that will lead me to be reprimanded by parents and uncles :P. Anyway, among the three children, I was the "weird and pasaway" kid who showed interest in visual arts and thanks also to my uncle (my dad's younger brother) who is one of my influence. And as I mature, I've learned to enhance my skills and challenging myself by joining contests (sadly, I only won twice (3rd yr. & 4th yr.) when I was in highschool. T'was a Chinese Drawing Contest. And have been wondering all along why I didn't win and I am a competitive freak when it comes to this field) and researching and looking at great masterpieces from friends and people.

I also lived up to my first made-up art motto/quote that's mentioned above & also claiming that I'm gonna be the next or one of Picasso's apprentice hahaha. Anyway, why Picasso? I admired his works and he's an all around artist and most of all his works are inspiring. His avant-garde masterpieces challenges me whenever I held my pens and pad, that is, being more experimental or innovative with my imagination of creating something that is not common and that exudes my art brand. Like most artists will say, one should be unique and EXPRESSES WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE.

I am a visual art hobbyist. In my solitary moments (actually when boredom strikes), whatever ideas I conceive in my mind, I draw inspiration from it and then just found myself making doodles...and in the end, a masterpiece is created.

Below are my works (years ago and present) and my skills are still inadequate. I am into traditional art co'z it's much easier (pens and papers) compared to digital which I am still studying (geez...). Right now, my guilty pleasure art genres that I really want to incline myself are realism, hyper-realism, inking, self-portrait, coffee painting, character design, text/typography art and digital art

Yaoi's Kiss
Photo Manipulation
First attempt on vexel art. It's epic fail. XD
Text/Typography Art
Character Design IN PROGRESS
Text/Typography/Lyric Art
Lastly, my failed sketch of my favorite artist and the love of my life (hahaha) Enrique Iglesias. MORE PRACTICE!
Thanks for dropping by and taking time to read my out of boredom post. Actually, it's been a long time too for not posting anything here n my art blog and not holding my pens, colors and vandalizing my old sketchpad. Might as well buy a new one co'z I only have 10 leaves left in my pad.

xoxo MJ
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