The Artist

Maria Johanna Rimando Crave

Imagine. Create. Love Art. L'art est amour

ALOHA! and Thanks for taking time in peeking to get to know the person behind all of these masterpieces.

I am MJ Crave, a 20 something who is caught in between the psychosocial stages "Intimacy VS Isolation" and "Generativity VS Stagnation"; Ask Erik Erikson because it's his theory. Anyway, just kidding and enough of this blah blah.

I am from Philippines. I am a registered nurse who has an innate creative nature. As you can see, doing or creating art is my hobby/talent and my escape from stress. Ever since I learned how to hold pens and colors plus playing with my imagination, the simple doodles results into one of a kind work of art.
I would love to draw and enhance my creativity every chance I got, because this is my passion. I may not be a pro like renowned artisans but I am proud of my works and happy that there are people who appreciate it. In all honesty, I never attended any art class, I just research and read and as well draw inspirations from my everyday musings.

Like any other artist, I believe there are no exceptions or rules when it comes to art. Every creation we see is a product of tangible imagination. It's amazing right that the world is one major product from a creative mind- God.

So, to my fellow creatives out there, express yourselves through your own art. May it be in music, visual art, writing, photography, etc. Be proud of it and show it off. And let us all give thanks to the one who bless us with it.

xoxo MJ
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