Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art by Heart


It's been a long time since my last post co'z I've been quite busy doing personal stuff. Well, anyway, here's my first July entry. I've been bored since yesterday co'z I got no tasks and just found myself doing artsy fartsy in out of the blue moment. It's been a long time too since I held my pencils and colors. That's why, I attempted to do graffiti and typography in traditional art way.

Graffiti and Typography (By Request. Media: Pen, Pencil, Watercolor pastels and watercolor pencils)

These are not only works and it's my first attempt to do graffiti and typography. I usually do sketching and watercolor pastel painting in my vacant time. When I was in elementary and highschool, I joined school contest and sometimes do projects or requests from friends (with or without commissions :P hahaha). I remembered last time, me and my friend who invited me to attend an organized art event, one of the guest speakers said that people who are creative share their talents without expecting in return; and I definitely agree with him. Because talents like these are God's gift and sharing it sincerely gives us heartwarming feelings.

Some of masterpieces are compiled in old sketchpads (or found posted on the walls of our room) and some are posted at Deviant Art. I also do mixed media (combination of traditional art and digital art) but I can say that I still need to enhance my skills. I'm really not a pro and looking at my works it's still quite inadequate. I looked up to some of my visual art idols, some of them are my friends and acquaintances I've met online and most of all the legendary and modern artisans like Pablo Picasso, Da Vinci, Diego Fazio, Steve Mills, Robin Eley (these latter 3 are among my favorite hyperrealist artists) and etc.
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