Thursday, May 17, 2012

If Love has an Application Form

Somebody shared this with me. Hope you like it! ^_^ Have fun reading.

funny how love seems to strike your heart in a flash and before you even know it you see yourself falling too fast, way too fast and you don't even know if that someone you have fallen for is going to catch you or not. as you watch yourself fall, you're torn between choices of snapping yourself back to reality and letting yourself mindlessly fall not even sure if you are to be catched or you'll just hit the ground with a broken back and do i still need to mention? but of course, a broken heart. love brings such good feelings that we drown and preoccupy ourselves with it that we ignore the cautions or the possibilities of getting hurt. but when it's gone and you realize you're on the ground alone and broken because no one was there to catch you, the pain lingers for a looooong time.

when we love, we should be aware that it's not all about feeling good, feeling complete just because we "THINK" we've found our better half. or did we? really? loving is risky. i'm almost close to saying love is equivalent to pain/hurt because love is more of taking risks for yourself and for the person your heart has chosen. its risks are actually worth taking but it all boils down to one thing, is the person we love worthy of all the risks we are about to take?

remember how i mentioned in the beginning that the pain stays with us for a period of time because nobody caught us from falling then we regain consciousness just to find ourselves kissing the ground?while others just lay and wait for someone else to save them, pick them up and make them whole again. i was one of the few who broke their backs, i became spineless. cared less about the pain, i decided to get up. i got wounded from picking up the broken pieces but got even more wounded from trying to piece back the sharp tiny fragments of my shattered heart. :'(

now the wounds have healed and i have scars that i'm proud of because each one tells stories of the paths that i took, choices and mistakes that i made that lead me to become strong. i am not afraid of getting hurt, i am afraid of getting disappointed by the person i love. i am afraid that they wouldn't turn out to be the person they promised to be when they introduced themselves to me cause even though i've built my walls up so high they've managed to pass through it and the next thing i know i've believed them, now my heart is in my hand, voluntarily offering it to them. trusting them with all of it but even if they want to take it, for some reason they won't. they can't. it hurts. most of them never gave me reasons, but finally i'm lucky to have met one who was brave enough to give me a reason, it was unclear but i just understood and the mere fact that he faced me to give me peace of mind, it was more than enough. therefore, his reason is valid.

sometimes i get to think of these wild ideas such as an application form you need to fill up before loving, involving yourself in a relationship and committing yourself to only one person. forms that have questions such as...

*do you love this person? yes or no? if yes, really? are you sure? if no, thank you for taking your time in answering the 1st question.
*do you know the difference between being faithful or loyal?if so, which of the two are you most likely?
*what are the things that you promise for this person?
*are you sure you can live up to it?
*do you promise to fall inlove with this person everyday even if you fight?
*will you be this person's rock in times of hardships? will you face everything hand in hand? if n0t, would you work on it? or try to, at least?
*are you a man/woman of your word?

this will be kept on file in the event that you fail to carry out the things that you've stated. this will serve as proof and a reminder of the dreamy things that you once uttered just so you could win my heart. and in the end you would hate yourself for promising these things you can't keep and for being a dumb ass because you're selfish for leaving me behind. please sign here. ________

but then again that would be a lot of work then it would appear as if love is an obligation when it shouldn't be. it's about being credible and since that's the case, i hope no one would utter things when they know they can't keep their word, so nobody's time would be wasted. nobody's effort. nobody's love.

so what do you do now when the fairy tale that you once thought turns out to be just another one of those stories that no one would even bother to read or even take a glance on the cover? let go.

it's never easy to let go, never but you have to especially when the person is dear to you. you have to respect their decision, their happiness even if it means it's not with you or it's not you. if that makes them happy, it also makes you happy even a little. the thought of letting go is scary because someone else might catch them but if it's what is written in the stars, you just have to treat it like a boomerang, you throw it and let it fly into the air and just wait until it comes back. alth0ugh we will never know how long it will take for our boomerang to come back but if it d0es, it's wonderful. if it d0esn't, let's just h0pe the next 0ne wh0'd get it suffers and b0th of them would r0t in hell. just kidding.. well, if it d0esn't, maybe it wasn't meant to be ours in the first place. it's fine, this may sound like a cliche but at least we can smile because we had them. it happened.

much has been said, so best of luck. you'll always be in my heart. :)

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