Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Davao Inspired Mixed Media

Davao inspired mixed media for a local client

Hey! It's been a looooong time since my last post. Well, I've been quite busy and had a hard time updating my blog. I am sorry for all of my readers out there too. But anyway, here is my new post which I supposed will inspire everyone (and I hope so :) ).

I don't even know how to start this but I just want to be honest to everyone that until now I am still overwhelmed for the fact that I am journeying on becoming an artist; embracing my passion in arts. I am thankful for those people close to my heart who have encouraged and believed in know who you are! So..without further ado, I'mma tell you my process with regards to my first mixed media art.

My First and Why Mixed Media?

I must admit that painting is the least art concept or movement that I don't like. It's my weakness because I don't have any background and when it comes to blending colors, I sucked at it. However, it became a challenge for me also. I remembered in high school and college (art class and humanities) whenever our teachers requested for a project to be submitted, I always resort to either do a plain sketch or make use of indigenous materials and make out of something from it. Yes, I am talking about mixed media.

I opt for mixed media art - contemporary art because it has no limitations. The artist or the individual has the capacity to make use of anything aside from one medium. Most artists use paints to make an art but there are also who utilizes other materials.

In fact, for me, doing mixed media other than traditional art (paintings and graphite), I can achieve the desired effect I want to convey with the art I produce. Not only it is visually enticing but as well provoking emotions...that is expressing every day musings in life. Moreover, mixed media is more flexible.

The Process

20 x 30 Illustration board
Acrylic Paints
Colored Feathers
Colored cartolina paper
Corn husks
Elmer's Glue
Glue stick and gun

As you can see, I used diverse materials. If you looked at the picture of the masterpiece I made, everything there was utilized. I made the corn husks as the feathers of the eagle. Used yarn to make the mountains and the sun rays. Acrylics for the colors, feathers for the accessories of my native man, magazines for paper quilling and etc.

In fact, I combined different art concepts like string art or yarn art and learned to do quilling or the art of paper rolling (as what you see in the word "Davao"). For 15 days I completed this masterpiece.

To conclude the experience, it was obviously fun. I never thought I can finish a thing because I must admit there are times I'm only good at starting until the middle of the process. It tested my patience also and in fact, I documented the process of making this masterpiece in my instagram.

As of now, I am making another project and this time it's coffee painting which is ofcourse new to me and my first doing it on canvass. I am praying it will turn out fine when I finish it since I am planning to have it displayed before Araw ng Dabaw at Museo de Dabaw or somewhere else.

To view the pictures of my masterpiece, please feel free to visit my BEHANCE or my other ART PORTFOLIO.
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