Friday, February 18, 2011

Boylet's Kiss: Not a Controversy

  Boylet in gay's language or lem'me say Filipino/Tagalog "coined" word means a boy whom you can have an intimate relationship with but not TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE. He can be your intimate can kiss, touch, romanced with..anything but cannot be your lover... a girl can have a "boylet" and so are the gays. Anyway it's confusing what is the real meaning of "Boylet".

     I entitled my drawing as "Boylet's Kiss" because I'm really intrigued about the real meaning of this word. I find it funny also when I hear my gay friends talk about them.

   Without giving any offense, I love gays. They're smart, witty and fun to be with. I respect them no matter who they are.

The Kiss

A chill runs down my spine like a piece of ice sliding across tile floor
My mouth begins to water thinking of your lips on mine as I kiss you deeply
Gently sucking in your bottom lip as I crave your taste

Like sweet and sour all mixed up into one blissful explosion
You have my pulse pounding and my heart feels like its ready to explode
My knees get weak as I kiss you hungrily wanting more and more

I slide my fingers through your hair pulling your lips closer to mine
Slide my hands and caress the contours of your face 
Taking in your softness with every second

Your eyes bore holes into my soul
I know what you are thinking and our minds are one
You want more, you need more just like I do

I slide my hands down your back holding you tightly
Not wanting to let you go for fear that I will wake up from this wonderful dream
Am I dreaming or is this real

I feel so at ease with you and so close to you right now
Tongues dancing to the beat of our hearts

Our bodies are one as we kiss

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