Thursday, August 15, 2013

Going Back to Digital: Line Art & Vector

T'was 3 years ago when I ventured into doing digital art...but ofcourse, those masterpieces were all traces since t'was that time when I started doing my first Line Art. It was just out of boredom and curiosity that I go beyond than doing the traditional one which is ofcourse, sketching, painting, doodling and the likes.

I watched a tutorial video in Youtube and tried it out in Photoshop. At that time also, though I've installed Illustrator, I had a hard time using the tools there most especially the pen tool. It was not yet my "best friend" not until now that I'm already getting used to it and enjoyed tweaking my sketches with it. I was more than satisfied by just leaving my sketches on my sketchpad and my uncle who's into online business encouraged me to have my pieces enhanced digitally. At first, I was hesitant and uncomfortable of going digital because I'm afraid it might ruin the original sketches. But then, there's no harm trying, so, I did and I enjoyed it.

Because I don't have any models or subjects yet, what I did was to do it with my own pictures and some celebrities.

Below are the samples or the transition of my own digital art: You can check it out in my DEVIANT ART account as well few chosen ones in my BEHANCE account.

This sucks. :P lol more like I'm coloring a Kid's book but this was my first piece.

Watch out for more and the transition of my digital art. Oh, just enhancing my skills and this personal art blog is my venue to relieve stress and by doing lots of masterpieces. It's also my personal portfolio and diary :P . I'm so sorry if I sound bored or I don't make sense at all why blogging this. HAHAHA.

Ciao! and thanks for droppin' by.
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