Monday, January 31, 2011

When Barbie is not my Playmate...Anymore. :)

     Everybody loves Barbie! I admit, I'm a Barbie fan too! When I was a kid, I remembered so well that during my birthdays and Christmas, my parents and uncles would ask me what kind of present I wished to have, of course, nothing else but -BARBIE!

     But now that I'm quite a grown up (a young adult that is), Barbie was no more a playmate for me. Why? Because I discovered something new- more cooler and exquisite than playing with this plastic playmate--It's BJD! BALL JOINT DOLLS!
He looks cute, right?

     These are examples of ball joint dolls. I recently discovered them at one account in deviant art site. I admire how they look because they seem to be like a real person. Hmm...If only I could own one. They are quite expensive, prices ranges from $300+ and up. The availability of these dolls are quite limited also. For a BJD collector, the amount is not a problem but having collections of these are valuable.

     So, how soon shall it be when I can finally have a doll like this?
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